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Our scholarship programs utilize various criteria and are a reflection of the values and purposes of the donors. They are categorized into the following:

Owing to the fact that some courses such as MBBS Medicine, Engineering, Business, Economics, Tourism, etc. involve huge financial commitment which some students cannot afford, thereby hindering them from pursuing their career, we engage various countries to help ease students’ financial burden through the provision of full and partial scholarships

Scholarship with Stipend

Type A

Full Scholarship without Stipend

Type B

Partial Scholarship

Type C

University Admission - Self-funded

What Types Of Study Abroad Programs are there?

You may have heard about studying overseas but are new to actually surfing this site. has a fantastic way for you to search for Study Abroad Programs by level, type and country. It’s easy and visual so you won’t get lost. We will walk you through it.

Search by program level; choose:

  • Gap Year
  • High School
  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate

Search by program type; choose:

  • Intern Abroad - If gaining vital job or business skills is important to you, find International Internships by country and work type.
  • Volunteer Abroad - Volunteer Abroad in a country that interests you, for the amount of time you have whether a week, a month or a year, in the type of volunteer work that would be meaningful to you.
  • Teach Abroad - Teaching abroad is a wonderful way to learn and educate at the same time. Get specific; search by country, duration and even audience.
  • Intensive Language – If immersing yourself in a foreign language sounds stimulating, search by country, duration and naturally the language you want to learn. Picture yourself studying Italian in Florence Italy as you take sips of your caffe latte?

Student Consultancy

Students are at the core of our services. We offer education services to college-seeking students. Our educational consultants seek to understand your academic needs and provide you necessary support and advice based on those needs

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