8 examples of partner incentives

A country of all superlatives, China study is attracting more and more students from all
over the world.
There is a great interest in young people to continue studying in China today. Here are
four arguments that should seem decisive for study in China

1. World’s Best Universities

According to QS rankings in 2016, China’s 4 universities were among the 100 best
universities in the world. In 2019, that number has increased to 6. Not only the number
has increased but the ranking of China’s universities has also improved. For example,
the ranking of Peking University in 2016 was 41, and in 2019 it is at 30. So for study in
China, It’s the main reason that the students can study in the world’s best universities.

2. Scholarship opportunities

Anxious to attract more foreign students (especially European) to study in China, the
Chinese government has developed a specific scholarship program, managed by the
CSC (China Scholarship Council). To be among the beneficiaries, most of them of
Asian origin, you must pass a medical examination attesting that you are in good health. China’s Scholarships cover tuition, campus accommodation, health insurance costs,
and a monthly living allowance. Most of the time, it is your home institution that makes
and manages the scholarship application.

3. A cheap student life

The budget can vary from 400 to 700 $ per month, depending on where you go to study
in China. Beijing and Shanghai are more expensive than cities in the interior of the
country. Some universities in China offer accommodation in university residences and
colocation is very developed in the big cities. Food and leisure prices are low.
Depending on the discipline and the university, tuition fees can vary from a few hundred
to a few thousand dollars. In most cases, tuition fees vary between 2,000 to 3,000 $, but
some universities go beyond. Unless there is an exchange agreement, it all depends on
what your home institution and the Chinese university have negotiated. Often you will
not have to pay additional fees for study in China.

4. Graduate opportunities

Many Chinese universities are still struggling with the effects of the Cultural Revolution,
and only 30 percent of college professors have university degrees. As a result, there are
many job opportunities for people through China study with higher degrees to teach in
China. So besides study in China, graduates can avail themselves of different
opportunities for earning