About us


To become a globally recognized education agency through the provision of excellent, up-to-date, and cost-effective educational services that are tailored to our wide range of students across various areas of interest.

Core Values

  • Proven Integrity

We are consultants with proven integrity, which earned us a leading role in educational consultancy in China. Over the years, we have upheld the core values of excellence, honesty, integrity, and diligence. We have broad access to several educational institutions outside of Asia. Positive feedbacks and recommendations from satisfied clients have attracted more clients to us.

  • Free guidance and information

We pride ourselves as one of the leading education consultants in China. We are the first platform in China to provide free counseling for all international students on a one-to-one personalized encounter. We provide full information on student life in China via infographic videos and news posts.

  • Versatile and highly experienced team

We have a highly experienced and dedicated service, counseling, and student care team. They will help you simplify your application process while also helping you select a program that matches your needs, budget, results, and location preferences. This is by briefing you on Chinese Education System, providing information and advice on your course of choice as well as student visa, and explaining the entire application process to you for ease of application.

  • Comprehensive Directory of Programs

We boast of a comprehensive listing of various study-abroad programs across various institutions and countries. The programs vary from high school study to summer study, internship, service learning and volunteer programs, and language programs. Thus, you have a wide range of career paths from which to choose the one that suits your aspirations.

  • Student-friendliness

A wide variety of learning opportunities is available in China, and we have strong ties with accredited educational institutes that can help students realize their goals, ambition, and aspirations through admission. Thus, we serve as a plugin between prospective students and various institutions through the provision of appropriate guidance to the former.

  • Exhibition to different countries

We undertake a series of education exhibitions in other countries every year. This is to enable you to meet fellow students from across the globe to rub minds together on their areas of interests as well as establish a social circle in the world of education. It also affords you the opportunity to interact with delegates from leading educational institutions who assist you in resolving any queries you might have about education abroad. From there, you get to know if you are suitable for a particular program or institution.


Why Waxbarasho?

We are aware of the numerous challenges students often face when seeking information they require to study abroad, coupled with the difficulty they encounter when making a choice from overwhelming opportunities. We make everything simpler and easier. Besides, China is fast becoming a centre of attraction to the international communities owing to its top-notch educational system and growing economy. Thus, we have a diverse international management team to help with your application process from start to finish.


We focus on exposing students to available educational opportunities across various universities, colleges, schools, and training institutes across the world. We equip them with the right knowledge they require to build their future while also guiding them on appropriate courses based on their areas of interest, strength, and specialization.


  • Student Consultancy

Students are at the core of our services. We offer education services to college-seeking students. Our educational consultants seek to understand your academic needs and provide you necessary support and advice based on those needs. Thus, our counselors draw on their vast experience to tailor every implementation to the student's requirement.

  • Career Planning

The career path you follow depends on the choice you make. A wrong choice simply implies a wrong path that may impact your future negatively. Thus, our counselors ensure that your qualifications and ambitions are matched with the best possible career options that are available. However, in doing so, they also place emphasis on your priorities.

  • Application Review and Submission

Application submission is a critical part of the process as it impacts your chances of being admitted. This requires ample time to be set aside for appropriate review together with our experienced team of application professionals to ensure the accuracy of all details provided as well as the confirmation of your satisfaction with the final application to be submitted. Definitely, this may require your physical presence.

  • Efficient 24/7 Online Support

We have an efficient online support team that combines both operational and technical expertise to ensure utmost satisfaction. They are patient and friendly enough to help prospective students navigate through any hurdles or challenges you are having with the use of any of our services. Our services run through 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Thus, we respond at your snap!


Scholarship Types

Owing to the fact that some courses such as Engineering, Medicine, Tourism, etc. involve huge financial commitment which some students cannot afford, thereby hindering them from pursuing their career, we engage various universities across China and other countries to help ease students' financial burden through the provision of full and partial scholarships.

Our scholarship programs utilize various criteria and are a reflection of the values and purposes of the donors. They are categorized into the following:

  • Type A: Scholarship with Stipend

  • Type B: Full Scholarship without Stipend

  • Type C: Partial Scholarship

  • University Admission - Self-funded